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Packet Pickup and Race Day Info


Race Start Times

Half Marathon      6:30 am

5k            7:30 am

Kids Fun Run    8:30am

Packet Pickup

Packet pickup will be held

Friday - June 7, 2024

5:00 pm - 8:00 pm


The Roundhouse

1500 Main Street

Evanston, WY 82930


Packet pickup is where you receive your race bib, drop bag, and T-shirt. If you cannot make it to packet pickup at the above time, please email to make other arrangements.

Drop bags

You will receive a drop bag at Packet Pickup. For Half Marathon participants, this bag is for you to take to the starting line area. A number from your race bib will be attached to your bag. This is to identify your bag at the Finish Area. Bags must be placed in the Bag Van at the starting area at least 5 minutes prior to Race Start.


5K participants will not need to drop a bag as the 5K course is an out-and-back.

Please ensure that your bag is secured and do NOT place anything that you cannot live without. Runners High Racing will not be responsible for lost items.


Please do not leave personal items or garbage on the side of the road. Each aid station will have a box available to drop items during the race. These boxes will be taken to the finish line where you can retrieve your items. All unclaimed items will be donated. 


Drop bags can be retrieved at the Finish Line near the aid station.

Timing and Bibs

The Runners High Half-Marathon will be GUN TIMED. Your time will begin at the start of the race (6:30 am) and stop when you cross the finish line mat. We ask that faster runners line up to the front and slower runners to the back. 


Please do not tamper with your timing chips, as they cannot be replaced once linked to your bib number.  Because the timing tag is glued to your bib, it is important that you do not cover your bib with clothing or other objects that may interfere with the tag reader at the finish. Also, in order to ensure that race volunteers, officials, and photographers can properly identify you, you must wear your bib on the front of your person so that it is visible. If the photographer along the course cannot see your number, we will have no way of getting your photos to you.


The 5K will be gun-timed only. You still need to wear your race bib and it must be visible so that we can accurately track you as you cross the Finish Line.

parking and busing

Half Marathon Participants

Park at Bear Meadows. Bus loading starts at 5:15 am. The bus will leave by 5:30 am. Please be on time.


Because the Runners High Half Marathon is a point-to-point route, a bus will take you from Bear Meadows to the starting line. For participant and volunteer safety, all runners must take the bus the morning of the race. Half Marathon participants may not park or be dropped off at the starting line.

5K Participants

Parking will be limited at Bear Meadows. Please plan to walk to the finish line area. The race will start at 7:30 am so please plan accordingly.

Course Rules


Highway 150 will NOT be closed to traffic during the race. Safety is, and will be, our first priority. Runners must travel on the LEFT side of the road against traffic the entire race. Please be alert and aware. Stay as far left of the white line as you can. Wyoming Highway Patrol and the Uinta County Sheriff's Office will be helping patrol the course. 


Once you reach Evanston city limits, racers will run on the sidewalk. The City of Evanston has approved a parade route through town. When approaching the freeway overpass, you will be directed to run into the closed-down lane of traffic on the street. Once you pass by the freeway onramp, you will be guided back onto the sidewalk. Due to Construction of the overpass, we anticipate increased traffic.  Evanston Police Officers and Runners High Volunteers will be handling traffic control within city limits. Please follow officers signals and run where directed for your safety. This year you will be running through the tunnel on the sidewalk next to Bear River Drive, as opposed to year’s past.

Coming into Bear Meadows, the 5k and Half Marathon courses merge. At this point, Half Marathon runners should stay left.

There will be a 4-hour cutoff time limit for all Half Marathon Participants. Once the time limit has expired, those on the course may choose to continue to the Finish Line. However, no course support will be given and the parade route traffic control will end. Please follow all traffic rules.


Faster runners should line up closest to the front of the Starting Line. Be courteous of runners trying to pass. Due to the out-and-back nature of the course, all participants must stay to the right and allow room for 2-way traffic. Upon reentering the Bear Meadows area, 5K runners will meet up with Half Marathon Participants.

At this point, 5K participants must stay to the right. Half Marathon participants must stay to the left. Signs will be posted to let you know where the sidewalk becomes shared.

Kid's Fun Run

The Kids Fun Run is a great, fun event for your younger kids! Due to construction the Fun Run is half of a lap around the Bear Meadows. All Finishers get to cross the finish line and receive a medal. You can sign up at in advance or at the Merch Tent the day of the race. The cost is $10.

*There will be a 4-hour cutoff time limit for all Half Marathon Participants. Once the time limit has expired, those on the course may choose to continue to the Finish Line. However, no course support will be given and the parade route traffic control will end. Please follow all traffic rules.

Aid Stations

All Half Marathon aid stations will have water and sports drinks. The starting line will have bananas, granola bars, Clif Bloks, water, and sports drinks. Aid Stations 4, 6, 8 and 10 will have GU gels, water and sports drinks. Restrooms for the half marathon are located at the start line, mile 4, 8, and 10. There will be restrooms at the Finish Line. If you arrive at any aid station after the volunteer cutoff time then the aid stations will still have supplies but may not be manned by volunteers.

The 5K aid station will be located at the turnaround point. The 5K aid station will have water, sports drinks. There is a restroom to the left near the 5K turnaround point. 


The 5K aid station will be where volunteers track runners. Make sure your bib is visible as you make your turn.

Spectators and Finish line

Runners High Racing encourages spectators to cheer for participants. However, safety is the most important concern. For spectators watching Half Marathon runners, please observe the race within city limits. The Finish Line is the best place to watch runners. Please come to the Bear Meadows to cheer on both Half Marathon and 5K racers as they cross our finish line.


Parking will be very limited this year due to Kid’s Free Fishing day taking place at the Bear Ponds during our race. No parking will be available in the Bear Ponds area. Extra parking can be found at Bear River Dental located at 50 Park Road, the parking lots of the old Dave’s Custom Meats and the Painted Lady, along with the parking at Depot Square on Front Street, or the Uinta County Fairgrounds. Be mindful if parking at Depot Square as our Half Marathon runners will be utilizing the sidewalk tunnel. Yield to runners in the tunnel and on the sidewalks.


Stick around for our Finish Line festivities and awards. Both events will have awards for Top 3 overall male, overall female, and Youth. Youth awards for the Half Marathon will be for runners 17 and under. Youth awards for the 5k will be for runners 12 and under. Youth runners that make the overall male or female top 3 will be moved up into the Overall awards.


We are excited to announce our half-marathon participants will receive CHIP cookies and milk at the finish line recovery area. 

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