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Half Marathon Course Description

Saturday, June 8th 6:30 AM

The Runners High Half Marathon is a refreshingly open course starting with views of the Uinta Mountains following the beautiful Bear River. Cruising through verdant fields, runners will enjoy the colorful morning sky. The typical cool temps make for a speedy race. This gradual downhill course is easy on the body, but fast on the watch. 


Starting at the high elevation of 7,165’, the Runners High Half Marathon begins at the Sulphur Creek Recreation Area and continues west for just over a mile to US Highway 150. This short climb provides expansive views of the Uinta Mountains. From there, runners descend for two miles to meet up with the Bear River. There are a few slight rolling hills until mile 5. After that, the course continues gradually downhill along the Bear River toward historic Evanston Wyoming. The course takes runners along Front Street before turning on to Bear River Drive. From there runners will continue to Bear Meadows, to be greeted and cheered for at the finish line.

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